Hillary Clinton Pops by the 'Colbert Report' to Drop Some Names

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Maybe-maybe-n0t-but-let's-face-it-probably presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance on The Colbert Report last night, for a little game of competitive name-dropping.

The former Secretary of State waltzed in as Colbert delivered his review of her memoir, Hard Choices: "This book is 656 pages of shameless name-dropping," razzing her for praising Angela Merkel's sense of humor. It's a little like watching your high-school vice principal in a jokey talent-show skit about the importance of making into homeroom on time, but hey, points for being game:


The Colbert Report

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Was it this or the Daily Show last night that made light of only getting candidates from known "brands"? I was half asleep.

I'm not really for or against Hillary, but can we please please please please PLEASE get some other worthwhile candidates to choose from? If this is just going to be Hillary vs Jeb, then... fuck. Fuck.