Hillary Clinton On The Daily Show: Jon Stewart Is Totes A Better Interviewer Than Tyra

Last night Hillary Clinton was on The Daily Show, via satellite from Austin, Texas. As we were watching, we were like, "Damn, Jon Stewart is asking the smartest questions ever." And they were pretty good ones, but we also realized that we were subconsciously comparing them to the questions that Tyra asked Hillary, so it was easy to sound kinda like a genius. Clip above.


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Daily Show was a smart move on Clinton's end on the eve of these states. GOSH I loves me some Clinton, though not NEARLY as much as I loves me some sweet sweet Stewart action. Put me in the middle of Clinton -Stewart bread. We'll make a delicious WASPy, Jewish, Italian sandwich...

@angelheadedhipster: "bitch is the new black"? ... wow. I don't know if I should be be really offended by that or just shake my head a little then chuckle somewhat uncomfortably...