Hillary Clinton Never Should Have Granted That Interview To US Weekly, Camille Paglia Tells US Weekly

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  • On the eve before the Texas/Ohio primaries that could end the Hillary Clinton candidacy, Camille Paglia decided to give an exclusive interview to...US Weekly. In which: she praises Barack Obama for his superior kung fu skills and rails against Hillary for hiring a team "so self-infatuated with their own clever superiority, that in fact they're quite transparent," and also choosing to appear in US Weekly. [US Weekly]
  • Whatev! Hill's in "happy-warrior mode." [NY Times]
  • "Colombia has become the Israel of Latin America." Hugo Chavez re the killing of commander Raul Reyes and 16 other FARC guerrillas on Saturday. [Haaretz]
  • Ummmm, we're busy dealing with the Israel of the Middle East right now, mkay guys?(Hahaha Kthanxdie). Condi visits tomorrow following Israeli air strikes on Gaza that have killed 117 Palestinians. [Wash Post]
  • Rush Limbaugh asks his callers to vote for Hillary because "this is too good a soap opera...We need Barack Obama bloodied up politically. It's obvious that the Republicans are not going to do it, they don't have the stomach for it... I know it's a difficult thing to do, vote for Clinton. But it will sustain this soap opera, and it's something I think we need and it'll be fun, too." [CNN]
  • Why does Russia bother holding elections? Uhhhhh, so stupid uninformed people like us won't get it confused with, God forbid, China. [Slate]
  • Warren Buffett says the country is "essentially" in a recession. [CNBC]
  • An that he'd put either Clinton or Obama in charge of a business — just not Berkshire Hathaway. [Reurters]
  • John McCain wants you to know right now while his opinion is still irrelevant that he is in favor of interest rate cuts. [WSJ]
  • Thousands of southern Chinese are protesting the construction of a chemical plant near their fishing villages after the same strategy worked to get the project moved from the city of Xiamen. (Um, just how pristine and unpolluted were any of these places before the residents started getting all NIMBY on economic development's ass? Just wondering.) [Wash Post]


cheerupsylvia (Can I Haz...Notice???)

@SinisterRouge: Well...I personally think that the GOP would rather run against Hillary than Obama. But even if you don't believe that...I think it's hard to deny that they would LOVE this race to run on as long as possible. Either way I think you are gonna see GOP types voting for Hillary in Ohio and Texas...especially given that the GOP race is essentially decided.

The press...contrary to what folks here think...is pretty much pushing for Hillary in these races. This race has been a rating boon for the media...especially given that its just a nomination race. They want to milk this race for all the ratings they can get out of it. Obviously...the best way to do this iss to keep Hil in the race.

If you really think about it...if we weren't talking about Hillary...would we ever be seeing a candidate that has lost 11 states in a row...many by an ugly margin...in states like Virginia, Wisconsin,Minnesota, and Colorado...would we even be talking about that candidate at all? I don't really see that as Hillary getting a raw deal. She's getting a deal Obama would never have gotten if the roles were reversed.

The GOP and the media benefit from perpetuating this race...the only folks that get screwed by it are the DNC. However tomoarrow pans out I agree with Bill Richardson. Count the delegates...make a choice...and move on.

The only way the delegate loser is going to have a chance in hell is to get uglier than it's already gotten...and we're already seeing ads that could just as easily been used by McCain.

This is one of the reasons the dems always end up shooting themselves in the foot. The lack of ability to make a damn decision.

Someone needs to pull a Romney and realize they're hurting the party to continue and wait for the next opportunity with their party reputation intact. Both Obama and Clinton are young enough to wait 8 yrs.

I don't think if PA was closer on the calendar it wouldn't be a big deal to wait for it...but a month and a half for McCain to establish his general election campaign...it's awful risky.

Maybe the delegate loser could stay in the race in case something happens to the frontrunner...but for christ sake dial down the attacks. Sorta like Huckabee.

OK...I'm done ranting.