Early projections have declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the New York Democratic presidential primary.

After a terse day of waiting for results from the New York primary to roll in after polls in the state closed at 9pm EST, sites like FiveThirtyEight have already predicted Clinton to be the de facto presidential nominee of her party’s ticket.

According to suspected wizard/excellent human Nate Silver, “Clinton’s chances of becoming the next president are now 71.4 percent, according to Betfair, the highest she’s been at any point of the election cycle.”

During her victory speech later that night, Clinton stated that the “race is in the home stretch and victory is in sight.”


The presidential hopeful also made sure to mention her GOP contenders in the midst of her rallying cry.


How many tequila shots is Kate McKinnon getting right now, though.

Also, on a personal note: here is this story, which is based on very true events: