Hillary Clinton Has Responded to GOP Debate With Perfect GIF

Like many, Hillary Clinton live-tweeted tonight’s frightening Republican debate. Among her tweets were responses to the topics discussed, such as gun violence prevention, health care and immigration, but there was one that stood out like a sparkling diamond. It was in the form of the most brilliant, sassy GIF.


Get, that, GOP dirt off your shoulder.

The clip was from last week’s hearing on the 2012 attack in Benghazi. Cash bonuses to Clinton’s social media team, please.

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I cackled with glee after I saw her post this GIF.

I couldn’t bear to watch the debate because I would have died of alcohol and sadness, but did they bring up the whole #ThisPsychMajor thing with Jeb(!) Bush? Where he insulted liberal arts majors and psych majors over the weekend? I hope they did. That fucker, I hate him (lol I wrote a rant on it on my blog if anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about).