Hillary Clinton totally stood up Vogue, which was going to shoot her for a cover, leaving Annie Leibovitz standing around getting paid to do nothing, according to the New York Post. Apparently her campaign decided at the last minute it would be "too glamorous," and elitist, even though she's done it before, and also, her major decider of such things, smoking hot aide Huma Abedin, just did it a few months ago! Oh shit! What firm, longstanding commitments might she flip-flop on next? What impassioned policy beliefs might she adjust to appeal to the fickle demands of the American electorate? Ha ha ha, just playin!


Seriously though, on balance this was obviously a good idea, since the first time she posed for Vogue was before The Devil Wears Prada, and the writer assigned to the profile, Julia Reed, totally has a boner for John Edwards.

Ha ha ha I meant Liz Smith [NY Post]