Hillary Clinton is being semi-not-really endorsed by George H. W. Bush! Is Nancy Reagan next? What about David Duke?? Anyhow, does this mean she's no longer a polarizer? No! But is it better than an actual voluntary endorsement by Barbra Streisand? Probs! I remember how Bill Clinton is a manipulative dick who made the world worse for people and calls for angry pool boys of the world to unite while Megan reveals her soft spot for the Bush tax cuts after the jump.

Moe: So did you hear the news? Hillary is no longer a polarizing figure. Bill SAID so.
Megan: Oh, well, then, I guess that makes it true. He was, like, President and everything.
I'll bet it's also become less lucrative for the RNC to run appeals using the specter of her, too.
Moe: They're pretty genius, I have to say. This is one of those awesome situations where you realize that what they claim in terms of experience running the universe is actually just experience running campaigns. How long do you think they've had old GHWB in the back pocket? Do you think they were tempted to pull out his involuntary "endorsement" when Barbra came out with hers? I bet they were. But Bill was like, "Relax, don't do it." But, you know, not in a gay way.
Megan: This is a huge part of my problem with the system, actually. Being a good campaigner involves an entirely different skill set than actually running anything, as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been finding out most of the year. You can't just issue press releases and give speeches and give good soundbite and hope that the fact that things still sorta suck is blamed on the other guy.
But that's the sorta people we get to vote for. It's rare to get a Bill Clinton who is good at both.
Moe: Right, and I actually think he wasn't that great. All politics is relative. And I'm one of those people who does not believe that GDP growth necessarily translates to economic success. Although I can't think of candidate with the balls to say so. Bill Clinton does bear most of the responsibility for the country's unconscionable income inequality. But, you know, it was a political decision to let it happen.
Megan: Well, but income inequality has always existed. It's the basis of the whole capitalist system thingie. I mean, in terms of dollars income inequality is worse, but in terms of lifestyle (financed, naturally, by debt that consumers are all too willing to take one) it isn't as though we're talking about the Dustbowl and the Depression here.
I mean, I remember being the kid in school who was out of new clothes to wear by the end of the first week and hoping no one noticed, but my mom remembers not being able to necessarily afford new clothes and my grandparents remember handmedowns and patches and shit.
Moe: This is true, but as Jeff Epstein has been known to point out wealth grows geometrically. The SEC is woefully underfunded. Income equality exists in Europe and Japan as well. Capitalism is not an absolute. Even the motherfucking Wall Street Journal editorial board has had enough of it.
Megan: Except for that they were "wooed" by extending Bush's tax cuts.
Moe: Extending? I read that as "ending."
hahahahaha HANGOVER
so really, McCain plans to "extend" the tax cuts?
Megan: Yeah, you can't be a Republican and end them!
Also, did you know Bush's tax cuts including a huge increase in the child tax credit and the largest expansion in the EITC since the program was created?
Moe: Hahahahaha mother of christ.
I did know there was an expansion of the EITC. I also know that the Bush tax cuts are largely symbolic. Like I said, Clinton did the damage.
Megan: Yeah, well, symbolic in the sense that if I sell the stock that my parents saved for 20 years and gave me 100 shares of for finishing grad school that I pay 10% less in taxes on it.
or, rather, the rate is down by 10% on the profit
10 points! crap, i'm exhausted
Moe: No I meant "symbolic" in the talking points sense.
But do you know what? If you have owned 100 shares of stock for 20 years do you have any idea, in the broader context of the stock market and the daily volume that changes hands, what an utter aberration you are? What a tiny minority of the daily volume of the bourses is represented by people who actually buy stocks so they can hold onto them for a long period of time? It's mind blowing. Truly. So yes, I will acknowledge that you exist, but in the broader context of people who pay capital gains taxes, you are nothing.
Megan: Yes, I am nothing.
Moe: Also, fuck paying for school. Why do we pay so goddamn much for motherfucking SCHOOL?
I think this is why I hate Mitt Romney so much. Because he is the sort of candidate who is going to point to any growth in the GDP as representing "success."
You know what's weird? After all this time, all these months blogging, all this being beaten down and drinking too much and not really caring about anything anymore, I still manage to REALLY HATE INVESTMENT BANKERS.
And I never even got date raped by one!
Megan: Well, that's easy enough.
Did I ever tell you what I used to do to them when I interned on Wall Street?
Every day, I'd go outside at lunch and call my boyfriend back in DC, and there was always a signboard guy there advertising for the closest strip club and giving out coupons.
By about my second week, I realized that if I was standing there, no guy would take his coupons, particularly if I made eye contact.
So I looked hundreds of men- i-bankers and stock brokers- in the eyes for 3 months and scared them off the coupons at least. That signboard guy hated me.
Moe: That's awesome. I wish I could turn back time and join you and also, convince the signboard guy to enroll in technical school or something. Although I would probably complain about how much technical school COSTS, how it's a scam. "Workable solutions" are not really my forte. I should be a politician!
Where did you intern on Wall Street?
Megan: At the Bank of NY, on Broadway and Wall Street.
Moe: Oh I know where that is! What did you do? And very quickly, McCain is supposed to be riding some huge ocean of support but is that really happening polls wise? And also, I loved Hillary's shoes too!
Megan: International corporate, mostly KYC and translating statements from client banks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
It was very boring.
I am irresistably to metallic shoes. It's a character flaw. It's like... oooh, shiny! Yay!