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“Hilary Dulany, director of operations for Lansing, Michigan-based AccuVape, sells slim personal vaporizers, promising ‘stiletto stoners a new option.’ She said she realized when she entered the industry in 2008—after Michigan voters legalized medical marijuana—that women’s needs weren’t being met.” Female entrepreneurs try to address the ‘ganja gender gap.

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A Small Turnip

Vaping weed isn’t necessary. I mean, unless you particularly like it, in which case, go on with your bad self. But smoking pot isn’t bad for your lung health. It’s been studied a lot. There are a number of health issues associated with marijuana use that absolutely do exist, but lung cancer, emphysema and other conditions resulting in reduced pulmonary function are not among them.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in 2012 that followed 5,000 men and women over a 20-year period to see how smoking marijuana impacted lung health. They found that there was no impact. None. Not even in very heavy users. Many, many other studies have replicated these results. So if you like weed, go ahead and smoke it. No need to vape.

Still, points to Dulany for spotting a gap in the weed-accessories market. Elegant, well-designed gear is still relatively hard to come by.