Hilarious Internet Collective Continues Tradition of Taunting Teen Who Hilariously Committed Suicide

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Fifteen-year-old Amanda Cummings stepped in front of a bus two days after Christmas, suicide note in her pocket. Her family's understandably heartbroken by their loss, but they're even more heartbroken by the response Amanda's death has gotten on the internet. Online forum 4chan, notorious for targeting dead kids for some good, old fashioned, hilarious postmortem bullying, have decided that she's the current object of their impish derision, and Amanda's family doesn't understand why.


According to the Staten Island Advance, Amanda was bullied in life as well as in death. Her parents say that her classmates and peers taunted her, and that she'd recently broken up with her boyfriend before she stepped in the path of a city bus. She spent 6 days after that in a hospital before succumbing to her injuries.

From every possible angle you look at it, that story is a rainbow of awful— for the girl who felt driven to suicide, for her family and loved ones, and for a community in general. Hell, I'm sure the driver of the bus feels like shit as well. For 4chan, though, this was the perfect opportunity to unite around the common cause of digitally harassing Amanda's surviving family.

They started by taunting the Facebook memorial set up in her honor, calling her a "hero." Then, a call to other users of 4chan and 9gag to join in the fun. Digitally altered "profane" images followed, including altered photos of Amanda. And it was hilarious!

Her uncle has called the campaign against Amanda "cowardly," and her friends who attended a memorial service are upset and puzzled by the cyber attacks. The NYPD is investigating reports that Amanda was bullied before or after her suicide, but they say they've found no evidence. How about they start by looking here?

The internet: where everyone's asshole flag flies high.

Uncle of Amanda Cummings, Staten Island teen hit by bus, slams cyber smear campaign as 'cowardly' [Staten Island Advance]


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