Last night's episode saw the return of "Snatch Game," in which the contestants had to impersonate celebrities and play a draggy version of the classic '70s game show. Guest judges Amber Rose and Aisha Tyler seemed absolutely delighted to be contestants on the game-show-within-a-game-show. Up in the top row, Delta Work was Cher, Manila Luzon was Imelda Marcos, Raja was Tyra Banks and Stacy Layne Matthews did an impeccable Mo'Nique.

In the bottom row, Shangela made an okay Tina Turner.

Mariah's Joan Crawford wasn't quite scary/psychotic enough.


Carmen Carrera's Jennifer Lopez? Satisfactory.

Yara Sofia's Amy Winehouse was appropriately incomprehensible.

The absolute best part: When Alexis Mateo — playing Alicia Keys — answered a question with one word: DUSH.


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