Highly Stoned Mom Leaves Her Baby on the Car Roof and Drives Off

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We've all been so worried about bath salts, but maybe we really ought to be more concerned about marijuana because it's to blame for one of the more horrifying parenting fails in recent memory. It happened in Phoenix, Arizona, this weekend when a very stoned 19-year-old mother named Catalina Clouser set her baby on the roof of the car and forgot about him as she drove off. My God, if you're high enough to do that, it's hard to imagine you'd be capable of getting very far, but it seems Clouser was able to because the baby—still in its carseat—fell off the roof and remained in the intersection for a while. Fortunately, an alert couple came upon the carseat lying on its side in the road. They assumed it was empty and were shocked to discover the five-month-old baby boy inside it. Fortunately, he was totally uninjured, though his carrier was a bit scratched up.


The police showed up and while they were trying to figure out who the baby's parents were, Catalina Clouser reappeared on the scene. This is where it gets even weirder. It seems that Clouser and her boyfriend had gotten high in a park earlier that night. They'd left to go buy some beer, with the baby, when they were pulled over. The boyfriend was arrested for an aggravated DUI because he was impaired while the baby was in the car. Clouser and the baby were picked up from the scene by friends. Then Clouser got even more stoned at her friends' house because she was upset about her boyfriend being arrested.

It was after that that, in a show of exceedingly poor judgment, she went to drive herself home and set the baby on the roof. After she got home and realized he wasn't in the car, she presumably freaked out and started calling friends to help her retrace her steps. Eventually she ended up back where her son had fallen and where the police were still investigating the crime. She is, of course, exceedingly lucky that her baby was unhurt from his fall, but he is now in the care of child protective services. She was arrested and is facing one count of aggravated DUI and one count of child abuse.

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Cue pot smokers who claim getting high doesn't affect their judgement / mental faculties in the slightest...