High Schoolers Ponder the Meaning of 'Fashion' in 1984

Well, this is an absolute treasure: a short documentary made by a kid in 1984, consisting of interviews with several high schoolers from Antioch, California about fashion.

The video (via UpRoxx) opens with a question: "Just exactly what is fashion?" The universally charming interviewees provide answers ranging from, "What the public eye likes to look at, in the way of clothing," to "being in with the times" to "what you wanna be and how you wanna be and what people you wanna be with." They talk about hairstyles, parents and also the definition of "ska." Several mention what sounds like pretty severe bullying—getting food thrown at them by jocks, for instance. Today they'd probably all have style blogs and semi-viral Tumblrs.

The real star, though, is definitely the philosophically inclined Rick: "My general opinion on fashion is just being what you wanna be, dressing what you wanna wear—you know, just being yourself," he waxes, along with, "The people that like to tease you are real jerks... People gotta accept what you are, and not judge you by the way you dress or act." He drops several such gems over the course of the video, all while relaxing in the shade:

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Never stop doing you, Rick.

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Rick is priceless @ 5:15. With his bangs blowing in the wind.

Definitely the best 7 minutes of my week thus far.