High School Revisited

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Did it ever seem like some of the mothers of girls on the cheerleading squad in high school were living vicariously through their teenaged daughters? Well, Wendy Brown of Wisconsin is their new mascot. The 33-year-old stole her 15-year-old daughter's identity to enroll in a local high school and become a cheerleader (her daughter was living with Brown's mother in Nevada). According to the criminal complaint filed against her, Brown wanted to get a high school degree and become a cheerleader because she felt she missed out on the experience growing up. Employees at the school said that Brown looked older than a high schooler but had the timid demeanor of an awkward teenager. A school officer started investigating Brown after she failed to attend school after the first day of classes. We guess Brown learned her lesson: If you're going to falsely enroll in high school, you better show up to class. [AP]


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