High School Parking Lot Becomes a Dog Park in Adorable Senior Prank

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The seniors of Monarch High School (aw) in Coconut Creek, Florida (aww) pulled off the near-impossible by staging a senior prank that’s both harmless (barring allergies and animal attacks) and entertaining: They turned their parking lot into a dog park. (AWWW.)

Approximately 70 students brought their dogs to school on the last day of class.


“Our principal showed up and tried to put a stop to all of the commotion,” senior Anna Douglas told Select All. “However, more students and their dogs showed up and he couldn’t control everyone. There were dogs in purses, dogs in strollers.”

Ultimately, even the principal was charmed and allowed the students and their dogs to stay in the parking lot for half of first period.

Douglas describes, “My boyfriend drove his car over to where everyone was and played music. Our principal was trying to be mad, but then begged us to play ‘Who Let the Dogs Out.’”

Fun thing to think about: Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” was released in 2000, when these students were 1-2 years old. Now reminisce about your own long-gone senior prank, you tired old mummy.


Image via Anna Douglas/Twitter.

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This is much better than the prank a class at my high school pulled...they knocked over a tub of used cooking oil from the cafeteria that was awaiting pickup on the back parking lot. The smell was unbearable.