High School Honors Trio of Centenarian Sisters at Graduation

A high school in Ohio invited some VIPs to graduation this year—a trio of sisters who attended long ago, all three of them more than a hundred years old.

That’s according to Canton, Ohio’s The Repository, via the AP. You see, 104-year-old Hazel Jarrell was part of the class of 1932—the first to graduate from what was then Canton Township High School and is now Canton South High School. This year’s class will be the last, as they’re demolishing the building for a replacement. And so, to mark the occasion, they invited Hazel—as well as her 102-year-old sister Irene, and her 100-year-old sister Ruth, who also attended the school.


(They have a forth sister nearby, 94-year-old Thelma, but she went somewhere else.)

Hazel said she was sad about the end of the old building—“Part of my life is going”—but she gets it: “I guess they need it with the new stuff coming, with all the technology. Of course, we didn’t have that when I went to school. I remember when I graduated.”

The sisters made page one of the local paper and everything. Congrats to these three (and to the students who are getting some new facilities).

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