High School Gives Out 8,000 Diplomas With a Typo on Them

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Man, it's been a rough week for typos. First it was Mitt Romney and the "Amercia" heard 'round the world (and he's really on a roll). Now a Maryland high school has apparently handed out 8,000 diplomas with a typo on them. This country is going to hell in a handbasket. The diplomas, which students from Oxon Hill High School received last week, said they'd completed an "approved progam of study." Oops.


It's obviously an embarrassment for an establishment that's charged with teaching people how to spell, but it appears it might have been a printer's error. Graduate Terrence Odom, 18, said of his botched diploma, "I'm really disappointed. I would think it would be somebody's job to proof and reproof again, especially with something that serious." Right you are, Terrence. The school paid $15,750 for the messed up certificates, but the printer is going to redo them for free—though the school district will have to pay to mail the new ones to students.


Still, as humiliating as this incident is, it could have been worse. The Washington Post points out that the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin printed a commencement program this year that had the word "Pubic" instead of "Public" in the school's name. In their defense, pubic affairs are some of the most important affairs there are.

Prince George's diplomas marred by spelling error [Washington Post]

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Please, please remind me not to read the comments on any newspaper website story. I feel stabby now.

"This is what the Left has done to education, kids stopped learning reading, writing, and arithmetic, now they learn Billy has 2 fathers..."

My head is about to explode.