You've been pwnd, Washington Post op-ed writers and George Will.

Ileana Jiménez teaches a class on feminism at LREI, a private high school in New York City. Recently, her current and former male students discussed on video why they identify as feminist. With all the misogynistic trolling going on in media these past couple of days, and with people seriously asking/doubting whether men can join the cause, it's refreshing to see these teenage men answer in a straightforward manner, "Yes," and then expound intelligently on important concepts like intersectionality.

All of these quotes are equally good (hardy har har), but if I had to pick a favorite, from Nathaniel, who has later gone on to collaborate with Gloria Steinem:

At one point, we wrote an intersectionality essay, and that taught me that nothing is really one-dimensional. Like you can't just be black. You can be black and gay; or like black, gay, disabled. There are many different things that don't relate to the master narrative.