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High Powered Women Taking Over UK; Does Israel Have Mermaids?

Illustration for article titled High Powered Women Taking Over UK; Does Israel Have Mermaids?
  • Over in the UK, studies show that women are "dominating high status professions." But that stupid pay gap is an international hater, and so men are still compensated more for the same work. [BBC]
  • The Japanese elections are coming up, and who are the key constituents to win over? Women, currently facing employment discrimination in a terrible economy. [Times Online]
  • Norway just signed this into law: "The boards of all publicly traded and public limited companies in Norway must have at least 40 percent female representation." [NPR]
  • Christian-Muslim tensions are erupting in Egypt, but this article opens by discussing how the beaches are lacking women in bikinis. [NY Times]
  • "The young girl whispered in a hushed tone. She looked down as she spoke, only glancing up from her dark round eyes every now and then. She wanted to tell more, but she was too ashamed. She was just 9 years old when, she says, Congolese soldiers gang-raped her on her way to school." [CNN]
  • But, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to the Congo with a plan to end these atrocities. [NY Times]
  • Lubna al-Hussein, the Sudanese journalist who is disputing q charge that she was indecently dressed, has been blacklisted and is not allowed to leave the country. [WMC, WashPo]
  • "Kiryat Yam municipality, near Haifa, says it has been told of dozens of [Mermaid] sightings in the past few months." [JPost]

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Gah. As much as I love when the US is the worldwide arbiter of social rights and wrongs, the atrocities in Congo (and surrounding nations) have been happening for DECADES. Secretary Clinton's intentions are noble, but $17 million is a drop in the damn bucket that isn't going to do much to help. Rape is an accepted tool of war in that part of the world (and others, unfortuantely), and its been a crisis for years, if not decades. I'm glad someone finally noticed and all, but $17 billion would barely be enough to adequately stabilize the region, strengthen the economy, and provide healthcare and support to the victims of this horrific war.

And now that Congo is FINALLY in the news, whaddya wanna bet some stupid celebrity is going to die and push valid international news out of the public limelight .....