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High Heels Will Give You A Tighter Vagina, Better Orgasms, According To Tyra

New episodes of Tyra have been trickling in despite the fact that the official premiere of the show's fourth season isn't until September 8. Yesterday TyTy discussed sex tips and trends from around the world. An audience member asked a question about how she can get her vagina back to the way it used to be before she had her baby. (If you listen closely in the clip, the woman says she has an "8-month-year-old.") So Tyra turns to some random woman from Italy to answer the question. The woman's answer? High-heels. Apparently doctors there say that high heels help you have a tighter vagina and better orgasms. Who's this lady's doctor? Benny Hill? Clip above.

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I ONLY wear heels, I must have the tightest vajay on the planet!