"Hi Tracie! I'm Writing This Story About People Who Grew Up As Chubby Kids"

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I've definitely struggled with my weight, but my troubles started when I was an adult and started (and stopped) doing certain drugs, causing me to yo-yo like Anna Nicole Smith. I've dealt with the extra pounds in both healthy (the gym, Weight Watchers) and unhealthy (prescription diet pills, laxatives) ways. I've learned to accept that my relationships with food and my own reflection in the mirror are kind of like a marriage: I love them, but it takes a lot of work, patience, and forgiveness to get through the day-to-day struggles of living together. So knowing that, imagine my touchiness when I received the following email:

Hi Tracie, So I'm writing this story for [redacted] about people who grew up as chubby kids and became successful, more svelte adults (Obama, Bill Clinton, Gwen Stefani, Meredith Viera, etc.). I want to hear from other people who struggled with weight issues when they were kids. I heard you might be someone to talk about this. If I'm totally wrong or you're uncomfortable speaking on the record, I understand completely! But let me know if you'd be willing to chat for the article, we can talk on background/anonymously as well. I am a former fat kid and know how these things go. Anyway, let me know!


This is seriously one of the most ridiculous emails I've received. I know the girl writing to me didn't mean to offend in any way, and it's really not her fault, but my gut reaction when I first read it was a rubber-necked, "Bitch!" See, the thing is, I was never fat as a child. Check out that picture of me and my sister. I've never looked so svelte in a bikini! But all kidding aside, I guess mainly I was offended by the fact that this woman and some other person had actually discussed how I used to be "fat". I wrote her back and told her that I couldn't help her with her story. But I'm still dying to know who offered up my name, mostly because it just reeks of underminer-ness.

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@LaComtesse: SM. Not Anna. Don't know why I said Anna. Whoops!

@btrain: My chubbly little ass was adorable. I have a photo of me at 2 that could be the new logo for Jezebel. I am smiling adorably, in a diaper, high heels, and a black neglige I found.

@LoSpaz: Aww! I hear you on grandparents saying obnoxious things. From, like, 8 to 22, my grandfather would make comments like "Do you really need all that ice cream?" or "You had broad shoulders, huh?" and it kinda crushed me a little. THEN, when I lost weight, he said "Promise you won't lose any more weight. You look very fragile." Nevermind that I was never super-fat or super-thin. As for turning points, I had a POSITIVE one. When I was 6, some mean girls in my neighborhood told me, when we played Batman, that I couldn't be Catwoman, because I was fat. So I went crying to my mom who informed me, very matter of factly "You're not fat. You're just right." I TOTALLY believed her and have for the rest of my life. I love my mom.