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Hey You! What Did You Spend Your Stimulus Check On?

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Well, it looks like those stimulus checks from the government are starting to trickle in, and everyone is going crazy about what to buy! Apparently the checks are working and May's retail sales were "better than expected" (it turns out when you give people money, they spend it!). However, the May deficit for the government hit record heights thanks to all those $300-$600 checks made out to John and Jane Taxpayer, but who's complaining? (Besides some economists, Democrats, and others who think promoting intense consumerism is the last thing American needs?) Everyone loves (sort of not really) free money! The real question is: How did you spend the cash?


A new website called "How I Spent My Stimulus" is devoted to people posting pictures and stories about how they spent the free government dough. A book, based on the entries received, is to come, naturally.

Michael, from Los Angeles, spent his check on a nice little vacation to a communist country (Vietnam). Apparently the spending of American dollars in communist countries was pretty popular this year.


There were also a lot of people who wisely spent their checks on bills, school tuition, tire alignment, and other things they were in need of. One woman gave her stimulus check to her granddaughter to help the poor kid start paying back all the debt the government has acquired by borrowing money from China (and using it for stimulus checks). Fun!

Of course, there were also plenty of dumb people who spent their stimulus checks on frivolous things like luxury goods and clothes (including me, sorry mom!). One guy bought a fucking sailboat. Another guy spent his check on a pair of $330 Prada sunglasses (from the Sunglass Hut, no less). Money well spent?

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You decide.

Eric, an earnest guy in Seattle, decided to spend his check on "services" because he heard they would stimulate the economy better than just buying things. He went to go see Cirque de Soleil: Corteo with his family. Do you think he enjoyed it?

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What did you all spend your stimulus check on? Did you even get it? (Many on the Jezebel staff have not! Give these women their checks, government, there is wine to be bought!) Sadie spent hers on getting someone to clean her kitchen "really, really well." I was planning on saving mine but decided to "invest" (haha) it in some adult clothes (a Helmut Lang blazer on sale and some black pumps by Marc Jacobs). Now all I need an adult situation to wear them in!


[How I Spent My Stimulus]

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Spaceman Bill Leah

I am not even sure my taxes have been filed yet. Our shit is really confusing so we have "a guy" for that. But we usually end up owing so I am not even sure we'd get a check. :(

Hell it's probably for the best, I'd just spend it on frivolous things like diapers and baby clothes anyway.