Hey Y'all! Paula Deen is Back, This Time With Her Own Online Network

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Paula Deen announced on her website this week that she plans to launch her own online network later this year.


Deen's been real busy, y'all. She faced a lawsuit which brought up allegations she said a whole mess of racist crap including the 'N-word,' which is like the saturated fat of racist terminology. Everybody knows how bad it is but people still keep making excuses to use it. The lawsuit was dismissed and since then Deen's been doing all sorts of things to duck the media get in touch with her true fans, like taking them on cruises to the middle of the ocean where no one can hear their screams.

Food Network decided to drop Deen from their lineup over the controversy and since then the television landscape has been sadly Deen-less. But that will all change in September. Deen has decided to do away with all those judgey television executives who don't want racists on their channel and launch her very own online network. Via PaulaDeen.com:

The Paula Deen Network will be the only place to experience new broadcast-quality programming on demand, anytime and anywhere from Paula Deen, the Queen of Southern Cuisine. In addition to access via computer, smartphone, or tablet, Smart TV compatibility will be introduced at a future date. On the Paula Deen Network, Paula will provide her signature Southern dishes and simple, healthy meals in a fun, unscripted format on a daily basis with all-new recipes, episodes and cooking tools.

In an article for USA Today (which refers to Deen as "warm" and "down-home"), Deen said she's been working on "new healthy and quick recipes."

Even more exciting than getting a chance to see Deen talk about cornbread and gravy for 24 hours a day is the opportunity to see her debut her new channel live and in person! All our prayers have been answered:

A preview of the Paula Deen Network will be shared at the first Paula Deen Live! shows in Pigeon Forge, TN on Saturday, June 21 and Sunday, June 22. Tickets for the Paula Deen Live! shows, sponsored by Springer Mountain Farms chicken, are available at Ticketmaster.

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"The announcement continued stating that the network would feature a range of content, from Justin Bieber concerts to Clippers games. Full seasons of Duck Dynasty will also be available to network subscribers."