The Midwest Teen Sex Show is both a bizarre and brilliant concept. A biweekly podcast made by adults and intended to be "sex information" rather than "sex education", the show uses skits and monologues to explore one topic for each episode (female masturbation, birth control, older boyfriends) in a frank and funny way that people should be using when discussing sex with teens. For example: For the episode on "The First Time", host Nikol—a once promiscuous teen—tells kids to not expect much from their first time and that "practice makes perfect and you'll need a lot of practice." She also advises boys about how the first time will hurt the girl, so they'll want to "enter her slowly." And for the episode on birth control, Nikol, a mother of three, asks:

Have you ever seen a baby? They're fucking stupid. They don't know anything and you have to feed them at least once a day.

But the show, while sex positive, isn't solely about getting teens to fuck like animals. There's also an episode all about abstinence, which focuses on both the good and bad aspects of it. (Pro: No STDs. Con: It's boring.) We're not really sure if the folks behind The Midwest Teen Sex Show are reaching their target audience (after all, the URL does sound porny), but we do know that if we'd had cool adults being so honest with us about sex at such a young age, we'd have been way appreciative.

Midwest Teen Sex Show