Hey Mom: Sleeping In The Buff? It's Free!

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One of the great things about really little kids is that it's pretty damn easy to make them happy. They're just as likely to enjoy a teddy bear as they are the box the thing came in.
But the latest trend, children's luxury pajamas — isn't about making the rugrats happy. Of course not! It's all about what the mummies and daddies want — i.e., to shell out the big bucks so that their kiddies can slumber in designer duds. The reasoning?

Many working mothers "get home just in time to put their kids to bed. The children are already fed, bathed and in their PJs," says Amy Lassalle, the owner of two Parisian stores called Le Marchand d'Etoiles ( or "The Sandman") that specialize in quality sleepwear for children. "It is normal then that they want to see them in something charming..."


"When you are invited to spend the weekend at someone's house or they have a sleepover you want them to look good, you want to show them off," says Sheena de Boisgelin, the managing director of the four-year-old children's clothing brand Douce that carries both luxury pajamas and daywear.


Oh, and don't forget:

"Now that my kids are old enough to stay up I love having them meet people we have over for dinner," says Tina Lignell, a public relations consultant and mother of 2-year-old twin girls. "My guests always go wild about the PJs."

Riiiiiight. Well, carry on, it's not like they're going to grow out of it or anything. We don't have kids, but isn't letting 'em sleep in their birthday suit okay? It's relatively new!

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@petuniacat: amen to that from someone who does have kids.

Aside: Though my bebe does love going nude, not so practical for the sleeping unless she really does want to eat that giant crap she took last night.