Some men get all weird and judge-y when a woman starts panicking about her rapidly ticking biological clock, but guess what? Dudes have clocks, too! Take that, suckers! New studies show that the men folk's fertility is pretty much shot once they hit age 40. One study has shown that the older a man is, the greater the risk of his partner miscarrying, even if she's young, in perfect health and at peak fertility. Another study found that 1 in 47 children conceived by men in their 50s develop schizophrenia. And men who make babies after age 40 are more likely to have children who are dwarfs. Says embryologist Dave McCulloh, Ph.D., once a man reaches 45 "He has lower testosterone levels, lower DHEA, lower estrogen, plus higher levels of FSH and LH, which signal pretty much the same thing in women โ€” reproductive failure."

So guys, now's the time you should start calling Alexis Stewart and asking her if you can form a support group. The idea that your seed is potent forever is turning into a myth! Oh, and you may have heard that pot won't make you dumb, but it will make you less fertile in the long run. Boys โ€” go easy on the bong now if you want to have healthy babies one day.


Men Have Biological Clocks, Too []