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Hey Look Guys, Someone Actually Rich To Hate!

Illustration for article titled Hey Look Guys, Someone Actually Rich To Hate!
  • "I've voted Republican and I've voted Democrat. I have vowed I will never vote for a Democrat again. I don't give a [expletive] – no matter who they are. I don't care if God becomes a Democrat.' I said, ‘I backed Hillary Clinton, I backed Al Gore, I backed John Kerry. I am done with them…The fact that these Democrats on the FCC are communists. They're for communism." Howard Stern, folks. Would you believe those pinkos wanted to block a merger that will boost the stock options supplementing his $80 million a year salary? You'll be so happy to learn they did not succeed. [Business and Media]
  • McCain's numbers have gotten better probably since now that America has learned he doesn't really know what the Anbar Awakening is or even really what Afghanistan really is he seems a lot more relatable. [Gallup] and [Washington Post]
  • Oh shit: SECRET CULTURAL SHAME TIME. My roommate and I share Rocky — awesome because we lived in Philadelphia for a combined 15 years — and Moby Dick and I have never read anything by Kurt Vonnegut and she never read To Kill A Mockingbird. [NY Mag]
  • Text of the Obama Berlin speech. "People of the world, Look at Berlin!" is its refrain. This will not do much to appease all those haters who resent all his shameless pandering to the hipsters, but if you can get past that it's pretty interesting. [Campaign website]
  • Even the Germans are like, Whoa history lesson! [Spiegel]

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Little Green Frog

@rmric0: I agree 100%. I've read it twice, both as an adult, and I still don't get it. I guess I've never had the time or spare resources to whine.