The UK's Network Rail service just released a Candid Camera-type holiday PSA of women falling down and accidentally displaying their underwear at train stations. Apparently, only women need to take care this party season, since "running for a train with high heels, bags of shopping or attempting to carry heavy luggage on an escalator" can result in "bruised pride as well as the body."

The Guardian points out that the footage is less a PSA and more an excuse to mock women for tripping in public, an action that is hardly gender-specific.


Only one woman in the video is actually running for a train, and she is wearing flat shoes! The first woman seems to get stuck in an escalator (which, ahhhh, that is my worst nightmare), but her skirt flies up and she kicks her bare legs the entire way, so that's hilarious, I guess? The last two women seem to be having an awesome time swinging around a pole, and I'm not even convinced they fell; they look like they chose to lie on the floor. (Okay, the first one probably fell. But they are clearly not in a rush to go anywhere and they are not the only women to lie on the floor in public in a dress during a night out, is all I'm saying, not that I would ever ever do that, please don't look through my Facebook photos from college.)

A Network Rail spokesperson said he didn't know how many of the 3,000 accidents this year involved women, but that the clips of men were "pretty nasty" and they didn't include any in the video because "we don't want to scare people."

Women falling down = funny, extra points if they flash their underwear! Men falling down = LIFE OR DEATH MATTER.

[The Guardian]

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