Hey, ladies! New stuff for your home! A fat filter, which "purifies and freshens cooking oil for repeated use" and sounds super heart-healthy; a gem setter, which "permits anyone to set rhinestones or pearls in fabric" and, of course, a cherry pitter, so you can make pies without stones. All from a 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics. Who knew Bedazzler technology had been around so long? [Modern Mechanix]


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@thegreatladies: My dad left for work one day with stern instructions given to my younger sister and I to empty the grease can in the shed, in the big blue trashcan, with the lid firmly sealed over it.

As soon as he was gone we ran out to the back fence to dump not only the fat, but additionally, the disgusting granola cereal I had beeeeegged my mom to buy. Neither of us could have been much more than four feet high at the time and the fence was about six, so after all our stretching we basically succeeded only in losing two of my mom's good black bowls and then dumping a can of lard all over them.

We turned around to see my dad in the back doorway, briefcase at his side with that butt-swatting look on his face. I might still be in trouble.

@flackette: I think this is going to be the perfect weekend for some big ass southern style feasting. I'm salivating! ...and collecting recipes :)