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Well! Some of you got downright persnickety at the idea that we would ask for a kinder, gentler Jezebel. But when we posted earlier this week asking for more civility and fewer Mean Girls-type snipes about female celebrities in the comments — we were also warning ourselves! We're in this too! But we never said to stop the mocking. Go ahead, trash their clothes, hairstyles, choices in boyfriends, movie roles, drug addictions all you want. The choices they make? Fair game. What's not fair? Genetic lottery stuff like width of hips; or pointing out that someone might have finally stopped the raw vegetable juice fast that helped her ease into a size 00 Golden Globes gown and maybe put on a few pounds, thereby appearing like a real human being. For crying out loud, tiny, tiny, slim-waisted, five foot two Jennifer Love Hewitt may have a little cellulite. Who doesn't? We have a message for those calling us hypocrites who dish it but can't take it: Kiss our (eh, anonymous) dimpled asses! We're willing to go there. Are you?


The point is this: There are no "rules," only an urging to be the best we all can be. If we get fired up about misogyny and the unrealistic expectations placed on women but then allow comments like, "she's huuuuge," doesn't that make us part of the problem?


One thing we grapple with, and will have to work on, is whether it is as offensive to say someone is "too thin" as it is to say someone is "too fat." Some celebrities — and we all know who they are — shrink down to "skin and bones." Is it horrible to call that out? Especially when we'd never say a star "looks like she's never skipped a meal" or "is a tub of lard"? In any case, this is a (relatively) open dialog. We welcome your thoughts and comments, even about our asses.

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