Hey, Is This Your Tiger?

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If your tiger is currently missing, you might try the authorities in Conroe, Texas. Hey, you know you probably shouldn’t have a tiger, right?

KHOU reports that the tiger was found roaming a neighborhood outside of Houston. The pair who spotted her gave their firsthand account:

“I see something run into the bushes—it was really big,” Poole said. “And Jonathan hopped out of the car and was like, ‘I’m gonna catch it.’”

Gessner saw the tiger had a collar and a leash and tried to grab it.

“I just walked upt to it and it ran up to me and started kissing me in the face and licking me,” Gessner said.


Obviously, she had not just wandered up out of her native environment. ABC News spoke to the local authorities: “She’s very calm and is basically like a young, playful cat,” said Police Sgt. Dorcy McGuinnis, adding that, “She’s clearly very domesticated. I was awed by her strength and quickness, but it’s obvious she’s been around humans.”

The cops say not to worry about what will happen with the tiger; they’ve got matters under control and do not need your help.

People “are requested NOT to call the Conroe Police Department or the Conroe Animal Shelter for inquiries about adopting/rescuing the tiger or coming to view it,” Reynolds told ABC News today in an email. “It will not be adopted out, it will not be euthanized, and it will not be put on display.”

Just get a Maine Coon and call it a day, okay?

Screencap via coverage at KHOU.


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