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Hey, Guess What These Gross Balloons Are Full Of!

Illustration for article titled Hey, Guess What These Gross Balloons Are Full Of!

Hint: It's kind of your worst nightmare. But also amazing.

Look again! Relive the magic!


Yes, I thought it was some kind of horrifying skin condition, too, but it turns out that the pearly sacs you're looking at are filled not with industrial waste or ectoplasm, but with teeny, tiny baby octopi. That's right, these are unhatched octopus eggs and this is exactly what your worst fears look like in their primitive state. See, that wasn't so bad, was it? (Yes, it was.) (Show your friends!)

H/T: Madeleine Davies (who cleared the work chatroom by posting this photo.)

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Check yourself, Mark. Octopi are ADORABLE. They're also incredibly intelligent and they will one day be kind rulers once they've enslaved humanity... I mean... uh... YOU SAW NOTHING, HUMAN!