Hey Carly Fiorina, Who Exactly Is Holding My Uterus Hostage?

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Last weekend, McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina told women to stop allowing the Democrats to win their votes on the issue of abortion, saying, "The Democratic Party has done a disservice to women by trying to hold women hostage to the issue of Roe v. Wade." In Carly's world view (and in her speech last night), the issue is the economy, not abortion. Carly might have been the only person at the RNC last night for whom abortion isn't that important an issue.In fact, the most reliable applause line of the night — from Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Michael Williams to Sarah Palin — was any reference to abortion, or, in Republican terms, "respect for life." It is striking, in retrospect, how many times the speakers genuflected in the direction of embryos last night, as though there was any doubt that too many people in the room support reproductive rights. Carly Fiorina has been stalking Hillary supporters for a while now trying to lure them with the false assertions that McCain is supportive of birth control coverage and not really all that opposed to abortion. In fact, one could even assert that she's the leading proponent in the McCainosphere pushing his "liberal" credentials on these issues, even as she's telling women they "aren't" — meaning, shouldn't be — one issue voters. On the other hand, where is the women's agenda at the RNC? Pay equity is a Democratic issue, as is increased child care funding, as is universal health coverage. McCain's got increased child tax credits to go along with his insistence that he'll try to stop you from ever having an abortion and that your insurance company shouldn't have cover birth control, but I'd hardly say that's an agenda for women on a par with equal pay or equal rights. If I'm voting on more than "drill, baby, drill," the surge, McCain's torture-iffic past and letting businesses keep their tax breaks to keep prices low, what am I supposed to vote for when it comes to the daily issues in my life? The Dems may get my ear because of the Republican's insistence that abortion is as evil as "Islamic terrorism," but they keep it because they keep talking about things that I believe in. Women aren't one-issue voters, Carly, but John McCain is wrong on more than one issue. Fiorina: Dems 'Hold Women Hostage' To Abortion Issue [The Hill] Carly Fiorina's Fuzzy McCain-Speak [LA Times]



As a Canadian watching with keen interest, it strikes me as strange that the Republicans are so fixated on an issue that probably doesn't worry that many Americans on a daily basis (unless you happen to be in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy, of course), while people all over the country are fighting not to lose their houses. Is the election really going to come down to an issue that has long been resolved for everyone except fundamental Christians? It is a smokescreen for McCain's weak policies on other matters?