This poopy pants trend is really beginning to fly!


Today a top former bulimic catwalk model emerges from the poo-lined closet and reveals her own, tragically pungent date with craptastic destiny:

"The fashion industry loved me - I was a size zero but I couldn't be skinny enough. I was getting all this work and could fit into the trousers they wanted me to, it was addictive. Only some former lingerie clients in London told me I was too thin.

I was sick at any opportunity. I was once so sick on a flight that I blocked the plane's toilets. Then around two years ago, I was on holiday with my family in Dubai. I had bad diarrhoea and I couldn't hold it in because my body had packed up. My dad had to carry me to the toilet with a towel over me.

I will never forget it because it was one of the humiliating moment of my life.

Well. Quite. Bad enough to shit yourself in public, but to do it in front of your dad. Ech.


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