The generally useless Daily Mail "Femail" section has something that piqued our interest today: a panel of straight dudes rating different styles of women's underthings. (Also, fun fact! Brits call skivvies "smalls." Would that make your period panties "biggie smalls?" I digress.) The guys in question (three magazine editors) overwhelmingly preferred no-frills bra and panty sets: their faves were "retro" (red and white polka dot); "sporty" (plain white with a pink trim) and "mismatched" (self-explanatory). One of the panel members free-associates upon seeing mismatched and pictures, "a certain kind of self-consciously slobby, Marlboro Lights-smoking, trust-funded, minor aristo chick who tends to live in Notting Hill and often has a career with some tenuous link to the fashion industry." That's sort of like us, right? [Wrong. -Ed.] Anyway, this is really just an excuse for us to get the guys talking.

Are you a fan of the boy cut, American Apparel-style brief? How about a demure white bra n' undie set? Are you more into semi-dominatrix corsets and accompanying leather whip? Or do you not give a fuck as long as there's a warm body lying next to you? Related: Do men really read this blog?

The (Nearly) Naked Truth: What Men REALLY Think When They See You Strip Down To Your Smalls [Daily Mail]