Late Thursday evening, Billboard tweeted a picture of Kim Kardashian’s young child North West sucking on a lollipop, accompanied by the phrase, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” What exactly were they trying to suggest?

The linked post is one that recounts an extremely depressing instance where West is forced to walk through a crowd of paparazzi and shouts, “No pictures.” So that’s probably what they meant. West is like her mother because they both know how to deal with the asshole media.

However, the tweet on its own (it’s safe to assume no one will click the link) reads as tasteless.

Shortly after posting, the tweet was deleted and replaced with another one that similarly neglects that West was being ostensibly mistreated by being subject to those photographers, and calls the little girl “sassy (but in a cute way).”


Sooooo, what’s goin’ on Billboard? Having a rough week?

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Image via Twitter.