Herpes Vigilante: Innocent Or Asshole?

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By now, you may have heard about the Brooklyn woman who, after contracting herpes during a condomless one-night stand, was angry enough to start both a a blog about the perpetrator and plaster her neighborhood with 400 fliers. Since herpes is sorta my beat here, I really wanted to weigh in on this thing and say that I think this girl is a giant asshole. I understand that she thinks that she's doing some sort of service by alerting the public to this "dangerous" guy, but really I think the worst thing you can do as a person with herpes is to further perpetuate the stigma associated with it by telling people not to fuck someone who has it. It's like she's cutting off her nose to spite her blistered crotch. She says:

i am not being unfair. and while i am driven by revenge and anger, i am also driven by the desire to stop drew (and other people) from knowingly spreading STDs around.


Who says that this guy even knew he had herpes? It's very possible he was asymptomatic. This is the shit that happens when you fuck strangers. Especially when you don't wear a condom. But she has an excuse for that, too!

you have let a guy rub his dick against you, not quite putting it in, but certainly loitering very very close to the goal posts. and i think we have all been in the situation where we have already succumb to this pre-sex near penetration and when a guy can't keep it up with a condom and you just want to get laid and he's like, c'mon it's basically been in you anyway, you have inevitably and against your better judgement said yes. and usually nothing bad happens to you.

So, she's not only an asshole, she's a moron. Hopefully, now that her STD cherry has been broken, she'll wise up and start protecting herself against the kind of shit you can catch that could kill you. Maybe next time she'll learn that if you cover one pole with latex, you won't have to cover multiple poles with fliers.

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All I know is, if some guy did this to me before talking to me about it, the only time I'd be talking to him is through an attorney, regardless of whether I knew or not. Now, because I'm all about full disclosure always, that hasn't been an issue for me, thank God. But as likely as it is that she picked it up from him, she still can't prove it 100 percent, and she has set herself up for a defamation suit, at the very least.