Hero Surfer Saves Life of San Diego Woman

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A woman is alive today thanks to a quick thinking surfer.

On Oct. 3, Mia Glass was enjoying the beach at Del Mar with her husband and three-year-old daughter. She took a dip in the ocean, trying to relax and have some fun. Suddenly, things took a terrible turn. Via NBC News:

"Before you knew it, I was way out into the ocean, and I was getting beaten down on by a huge wave. I knew I needed help," she told NBC 7.

A rip current had pulled Mia out into the ocean, and there were no lifeguards in sight, she says. She waved to her husband and screamed for help.

Her husband, Andrew Glass, frantically tried to swim out to her. But out of the blue, a surfer tapped him on the shoulder and said he was going to go get her. He paddled out to where she was and used his surfboard to pull her back to safety. But unlike me who demanded a ticker-tape parade that time I fixed the wonky bathroom faucet, the surfer disappeared before they could properly thank him or get his name. Mia Glass told NBC 7 she just wanted to tell him thank you.

On Friday, their wish came true. The mystery surfer contacted NBC 7's Candice Nguyen and plans to meet up with Mia soon. He wants to remain anonymous, but he says he was happy to help. The family said they hope to donate to the charity of the surfer's choice to show their appreciation.


That's kind of true of SoCal surfer culture though, isn't it? "Yea man, I totally saved this lady's life or something. Good waves out there today, too."

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Tequila Mockingbird

If you get pulled out by a rip, just swim parallel to the shore for a 100 yards or so, then come back in.