Last night at the Charity Meets Fashion Holiday Celebration Honoring The World's Children, a small group of do-gooding celebs got dressed up to do good.

Mariam Kinkladze — founder of the non-profit Honor Vitae — is sleek and chic in strapless sparkles.

Casting agent Natalie Joos wears Dr. Suess-ian fur and cute ankle socks. Author Allie Kingsley chose a lacy sheath with sheer sleeves.


Rose McGowan sets off her blonde bob with matte black. Long sleeves but bare shoulders = yes.


Vanessa Anne Hudgens throws a jacket over a lacy-necked black dress — dig the stockings! Various textures keep this all-black look from being boring.

Figure skater Sasha Cohen brings a bit of color to the affair.


Best-dressed? Jessica White, doing that slinky sexy yet covered thing so well. Three important accessories: The belt, the leg and the cleavage. The shoes are not right, but whatever. 'Tis the season.

Images via Getty.