Here's What Happens When You Cross Oprah

Back in the late '90s author, spiritual coach and relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant made regular appearances on Oprah, taking over the show for the whole hour every other Tuesday, doling out advice. Iyanla became famous and rich and, like Phil, she was being groomed to have a show of her very own, produced by Harpo. But abruptly, her relationship with O ended. Her appearances on the show stopped. Today, she returned to Oprah's stage so the two women could discuss what had happened between them.

It turns out that Barbara Walters had gone after Iyanla, in a bid to steal her away from Oprah, offering her her own show. Iyanla went back to Oprah and basically gave her an ultimatum, saying that she needed her own show immediately. Oprah said, "See ya" (through her lawyers). So Iyanla signed a deal with Babs' production company, and realized what a terrible mistake she'd made when she went to work for people who couldn't pronounce her name, hadn't read her best-selling books, and requested that she get a hair weave. Her show was canceled within a year.

As Dr. Phil, Lisa Ling, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, and Gayle King all know, if you get the chance, you stick with Oprah. We doubt that Iyanla will be making any appearances on OWN's All Stars.

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What am I watching? Real Housewives of Harpo?! Ridiculous, the back and forth, she said/she said.