Here's What Happened When Six Corgi Puppies Visited a College Campus

Puppy party takeover!

Six Corgi puppies made a trip to Georgia Tech last week. Perhaps they were scouting out the college as a possible option for when they graduate obedience school? I hear Georgia Tech offers very competitive programs for Snuggling and Not Peeing on Things in the House. Or maybe they just went there to be adorable and make people fall in love with them. Puppies like to do that.


Also, I just want to say this is my new favorite image of anything ever in the world. Goodnight, sweet college reveler. Enjoy your puppy in a baking dish.

Illustration for article titled Heres What Happened When Six Corgi Puppies Visited a College Campus

Screencap via Youtube.

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Rebecca "Burt" Rose

For those asking about the pans, here's an explanation from the person who posted the video:

For some reason, they just really like sleeping in pans! Whenever a pan would be near them, they would make their way to it and curl up inside. When we only had one pan out, they would all try to cram inside it! After a while, we just decided it would be easier to give them each their own pan, and they really liked it!!

This story is too cute and I think my head just exploded.