Finally! A movie about male strippers that actually has hot guys. (Sorry, Full Monty cast.) Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the highly anticipated (by some of us, at least) summer comedy Magic Mike stars Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum as male strippers who are living the dream by getting paid to dance naked for women. The story is actually based on Tatum's time spent as a stripper in Tampa, FL when he was 19. He co-financed the film with Soderbergh, but unfortunately, he doesn't show his peen. He does show his butt, which I guess is something. But honestly are male butts even that sexually arousing for women? Actually, are penises even that sexy? I mean, I know straight women are supposed to like boners and everything, but like, when I look at a dick in a movie or in a magazine or on the internet it's more out of curiosity than visual stimulation. Penises are like museum art—no matter how exceptional, you basically just stare at it for a minute and then move on. Anyway, the movie comes out June 29.

Magic Mike Trailer [YouTube]