Here's The Casey Anthony Video Diary You Didn't Ask For

A video diary made by Casey Anthony back in October has just been leaked — and in it, Anthony promises more video logs and hints at greater media exposure. Oh, good.


In the halting video, which aired on Today and which NBC says is genuine, Anthony never once mentions her dead daughter Caylee. She does, however, talk about how happy she is to have a new computer and some other belongings that are really hers. She also says she's adopted a dog, and possibly discusses new human friends. In one bleeped-out section, she appears to say the name of someone who helped her get a phone (Charles?). Another bleeped-out portion precedes the phrase "families I've ever had if not more so" — is she talking about a family she's staying with during her probation? Her location remains secret, so it's unclear. But Anthony does say she's planning on making more video diaries, so perhaps we'll hear more soon.

She also mentions that she needs to get over her fear of being on camera, an interesting statement for someone who, in the wake of her very public murder trial, might just want to disappear. Prosecutor Jeff Asthon wished her a life of obscurity, saying, "My advice to people who are angry about (her acquittal) is to ignore Casey, and I hope that's what they do. I hope that someday — and I know this probably won't happen — that Casey Anthony will invoke a 'who's that?'" Of course, Ashton himself is staying in the public eye by running for his boss's old job as state attorney of Florida's Orange and Osceola counties. And Anthony may be poised to remain a public figure herself — her promise of more video logs and her commitment to get less camera-shy suggest that she's planning to communicate with the many fans and haters she made during her trial. How formally she's planning to do this remains an open question — will she keep vlogging, will she do a TV interview, will she do porn? Whatever the case, her video suggests that she may not be content to disappear.

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I don't understand why people do this. Most people think you did something completely and utterly horrid. Why would you want more attention? If I'm caught in a fib I want to disappear for a week. I couldn't imagine trying to "make something" out of this terrible situation.