Here's That Terrifying Home Invasion Story You Didn't Ask For

Robert D. Hitt, a 35-year-old convicted rapist who was released from prison in January, has been arrested after breaking into a home in the University District of Seattle, WA and holding its six female residents hostage at knife point. Hitt then forced the women to remove their clothes and lie face down on the floor while threatening to kill them. Thankfully, the situation was saved by two roommates who, unbeknownst to Hitt, remained hidden in the house and were able to call 911 before being found (in one of the terrifying calls, you can hear Hitt yelling and attempting to break the door down). Police arrived shortly thereafter and took Hitt into custody. None of the women were injured.

Listen: Convicted rapist terrorizes UW students [MYNorthwest]

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