A latecomer to the "Shit ______ Say" genre (and a bit of a riff on the format), here's "If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say..." by comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding. The premise is pretty self-explanatory: Spaulding flips the dumbshit tropes that straight people spew at gay people ("You totally remind me of my friend Kevin—he's straight too!!!") and says them to a bewildered straight guy.

Good stuff.

And I'd like to thank this video for bringing gold-star commenter edoardoruggeri1 into my life:

This is really dumb. I am probably the least homophobic and most accepting person in the world, but you have to call things by their name. Being homosexual can't be considered as normal as being heterosexual.


I can't believe they found the LEAST HOMOPHOBIC AND MOST ACCEPTING PERSON IN THE WORLD and got him to weigh in!!! It is truly an honor, sir.