Here's Kim and Kanye's Awfully Awkward Wedding Dance

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This time last year every blogger in the known universe was scouring the internet for pictures of Kim and Kanye’s big day —”little angels blessing us”— while downing bottles of TUMS as our editors urged us to work harder, faster, stronger. Now, to mark a year after the event that almost sent us all to the hospital, there’s video of the happy couple’s first wedding dance.

Kris Jenner just posted this video of K&K during the first dance of their wedding and it’s...something. Kim seems to be going for the classic “sway in place” (never trust the judges, Gia Gunn — you did a perfect Kim K) while Kanye is doing some kind of move where it looks like he’s trying to shake a centipede off his leg while also riding a horse. I don’t know. It’s not an excellent dance.


But they do look really happy, right? I know that lots of people here hate on Kim and Kanye (and they can be insufferable), but this dorky dance is just adorable, right? They seem like they really are in love and I would not be surprised if their marriage lasted a long time. They love each other, they love themselves, they have more money than god, what could possibly go wrong?

(Also, I have now watched this clip like six times.)

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It’s her third wedding. You think she’d be better at this by now.