Here's How They Get Models' Hair to Flip Around in Shampoo Ads

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And your dad told you that you'd be unemployable with a degree in green screen hair flipping.

What you're seeing in the picture above isn't a woman about to get attacked from behind by a rabid fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's not an Irish ninja trying out a new look. It's a shampoo ad being filmed — you know, one of those commercials that features a model's shiny hair, ostensibly enhanced by "clinically proven" fragrant gunk that comes out of a plastic bottle, flipping and flopping and unfurling in slow motion as if by magic.

Turns out, there are people whose jobs it is to wear green outfits and make things move on actors in scenes, only to be erased in post-production. These people are called "greenscreen fluffers" and they're everywhere, and they're nowhere. Here they are making Superman's cape look like he's really flying through Metropolis when he's really hanging in front of a lime colored wall.


So, now you know. That cascading waterfall of hair in Pantene commercials is the work of invisible green men.

What a world.

Image via Saladin Ahmed/Twitter

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It really looks like they are just making fun of him behind his back.

Transcript: "Oooooh ho ho! Look at meeee! I'm Suuuperman! I can fly like a big dumb loserface! Look at me flapping my Suuuuuperman wings! Hey, Suuuuperman! Why don't you come and fly over here! Bet you CAAAannnn't! Heyyyy batta batta"