Here's Community's Alison Brie Being a Rap Superstar

Behind-the-scenes footage of the cast and crew of Community is such a pleasure to watch — not only because we know that they are working hard to bring us one of the best shows on TV, but also because everyone (Chevy Chase-Dan Harmon feud aside) always looks like they're having so much fun with one another. This newest addition to the "OMG, Community is the Best" canon — a fan-made supercut of Alison Brie rapping on several different occasions — is only further proof of that.


Any chance that there's similar footage of Ms. Brie on the set of Mad Men? We can only dream.

[Joel McHale's Twitter]

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Nom Chompsky

There is nothing more reliably adorable and entertaining than white ladies rapping poorly. I mean, look at them, doing that black man thing while being cute and white and female. I need to see this 50 or 60 more times before I'll be even close to satisfied.

It's like my mother always said to me: "White lady rappin' is like a dog walkin' on its hind legs. It is not done well, but you can bet somebody will Youtube the fuck out of it."