Here's Cardi B Smoking 3 Cigarettes At the Same Damn Time on Election Night!

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Wow, it’s Wednesday, but it feels like the worst sort of Tuesday—one that might actually never end! Dare I say that I’m proud of all the famous people for not doing much that would cause a commotion on a night where commotion was the name of the game? I am! I’m also going to go out on a limb here and say that this brief clip of Cardi B. smoking three cigarettes at the same time is a real fucking mood.


I don’t know where she is or why she’s so dressed up, but what I do know is that a Juul does not and will not ever replace whatever feeling this is, below.

Watching the little states on the little map turn blue, then red, then striped, depending on the media outlet you were glued to last night, was indeed frustrating. It was three-cigs-at-a-time frustrating. It was... a lot! At this juncture, whatever anyone needs to do to cope that is within the legal limits is fine by me. In other news that is nice about Cardi B and her associates, Offset took some time to deliver meals to voters in Georgia waiting in line. Cardi’s influence! We love to see it. [Instagram/Billboard]

Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga performed at a pre-Election Night concert for Joe Biden, which was enough to make Donald Trump say her name a bunch in his weird little way at his own rally. I don’t want to think about either of those men right now, but I’d like to instead draw your attention to a small bit of family political theatre that is happening in Lady Gaga’s family.

It seems like Papa Gaga tweeted his support for Trump, but then maybe deleted the tweets because he and his daughter had a chat, or maybe he watched the TV for a minute and was like, “hm, maybe this is a bad look.” I don’t know what happened! Maybe they had a nice time over an eggplant parm and some gabbagool and came to an agreement. That’s nice, if so! Or not. Whatever!! [Page Six]

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It’s funny how much I can miss smoking while also simultaneously be super disgusted by smoking.  It’s been three years now for me! Self-five!