Here's an Earnest Pop Song About Tinder

The best thing about any pop song that references current technology is imagining how it will age in the next 5, 10, 20 years. Will Beyoncé's "Video Phone" seem downright quaint once we've updated to communicating exclusively through holograms? Will Gary Numan's "Cars" feel unfathomable after the grid has collapsed and we're all back to riding on mule carts? What about Tinder?! How will songs about Tinder age?!


Miracles of Modern Science, a five-piece indie band, could eventually find out. The group has just released a video for their song "Swipe," featuring vocals by Kristin Slipp, and it sounds like a fairly earnest reflection on a dating app that, in a couple years, might sounding as outdated as a gramophone...or Friendster.

Whatever! These are the times we're living in and you should always write (and sing about) what you know!


Here are some of the lyrics, via The Cut:


I've worked my tender finger to the bone


I've used up all the data on my phone

[Kristin & Evan:]

Please, can we just meet?

This heart is hungry

Soon enough I gotta let it eat

Oh baby baby please, just name the street

You look so lovely

And I'm running out of battery


Are you still around? Did you change your mind?

Should I move along to the next in line?


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