Here's an Adorable Compilation of All the Times Leslie Jones Has Made Colin Jost Blush on Live TV

Flirting with your co-workers is usually inappropriate, but when it’s scripted on a teleprompter, what can you do except lean into it?

Leslie Jones certainly seems to take a lot of joy in calling Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost a “refreshing Peppermint Pattie” and a “sexy-ass blizzard.” It’s hard to tell where commitment to a bit ends and desire begins, especially when all these compliments are edited together into an arousing compilation.

Jost even asks her point blank if she really wants to sleep with him. She responds by throwing up her hands and yelling, “I want to have sexuals with you Mr. Colin Jost. How am I being subtle?!” Haha, good one, Leslie. Very good joke.


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